Presentation of the Doctoral School STITS

A remarkable regional and national situation

The Doctoral School "Science and Technologies of Information, Telecommunications and Systems" (ED STITS) gathers essential means of training and research in the South of Ile de France, in the field of information, telecommunications and systems, combining the Paris-Sud University and Supélec. This is particularly evidenced by the size of its workforce (400 registered PhD students, nearly 300 researchers and teachers), or by the number of research grants from the Ministry or the Ile de France region (19 to 20 per year).
Most laboratories and research teams associated with the ED STITS are heavily involved in major projects of this regional cluster. In the same vein, it is also worth mentioning the structuring mission of the forthcoming Paris-Saclay University within a rich scientific and industrial environment (Thales, Alcatel, CEA, Systématic, etc.., and numerous SMEs). One must also note the very special position in medical imaging in the ED STITS through the network of medical imaging laboratories of Ile de France, led by IR4M (UMR CNRS 8081).

Two co-accredited Institutions

Partner Institutions of high Reputation

The Doctoral School ED STITS is controlled by the Paris-Sud 11 University in partnership with Supélec as a co-accredited institution.

Supélec has a research team: E3S "Supélec Systems Sciences" - EA 4454, which includes several research teams, namely E3S/Auto (Automatic Control), E3S/SEE (Power & Energy Systems), E3S / SIH (Heterogeneous Systems and Information), E3S / SSE (Signal Processing & Electronic Systems), E3S / TELE (Telecommunications), Chair in Flexible Radio (research and teaching chair in partnership with Alcatel-Lucent) and SONDRA (French-Singaporean Research Laboratory in Electromagnetism and Radar which depends on Supélec, ONERA, the National University of Singapore and the Defense Science and Technology Agency of Singapore).

On the other hand, Supélec and Paris-Sud 11 manage together two of the four main laboratories of the ED STITS: L2S (Laboratory of Signals and Systems) and LGEP (Paris Laboratory of Electrical Engineering). Supélec is also involved through the LGEP in SpeeLabs network in partnership with SATIE (ENS Cachan) and LTN (INRETS) laboratories. It also contributes significantly to the development and operation of units of the Master IST which are approved by the ED STITS as scientific openness modules.