Administrative Registration 2014-15: First Year

Thank you to carefully read the registration procedures.

Step 1: Fill the forms filling and signatures

Please download and fill out the registration forms and make them sign first, by your supervisor and second, the head of your lab (before bringing it to us for our signatures. ):

Paris Sud Forms
Supélec Forms

Step 2: Registration at the Doctoral School

You have to make an appointment at the doctoral school.

Paris Sud : click here to make an appointment

Supélec : click here to make an appointment

In order to complete your PhD file, please bring copies of the following documents:
- CV
- 1 Photo
- PhD proposal with a french title (one page)
- Attestation of Master Diploma (une copie)
- The rationale for funding three years PhD (copy)
- First year Registration Form filled and signed by you, your supervisor, and the head of your lab.
- The « charte des thèses » document signed by you, your supervisor, and the head of your lab (two originals).

Particuliar Case : « Validation des acquis »
The candidate has passed a Master or a Profesionnal Master or an Engineer diploma or a foreign diploma. Therefore, he has to demonstrate its ability to scientific research by filling the “ Validation des Acquis” form and giving several elements in two copies: 

- CV

- a recommendation letter from the future PhD supervisor

- a motivation letter,

- Diploma program and attestation of Diploma,

- marks of the last years,

- for Professional Master, Internship Report,

- optionally, publications

A commission will then validate his/her experience. And the doctoral school will authorize the PhD registration.

Step 3: Registration at the Scolarité of Paris Sud or Supélec

When the ED has approved and signed all the forms, you have to fill the administrative  form and  register :

- upload the form for PhD student from Paris Sud and visit the Service des Etudes Doctorales de la Faculté - Bâtiment 301.

- for PhD student from Supélec : visit the Direction de la Recherche de Supélec- Mme Anne Batalie.