PhD proposals and Scholarship Application 2014 : deadline  June, 6th 2014


The PhD proposals of our partner laboratories are now posted. You can find all the PhD proposals on this page.

Unless otherwise stated, these proposals may be granted by a doctoral fellowship  (see the page contrat doctoral). Doctoral fellowships are allocated after a jury organized by the STITS doctoral school, that will be held on June the 11th, on the basis of the written documents transmitted by applicants (neither defense nor interview). Candidates for the fellowships will be interclassed depending on both the PhD subject they have chosen and their own skills.

To apply to a subject proposal, the candidate has to hold a Research Master's degree or an equivalent degree in September 2014. This competition is open to all candidates whatever their Master was passed and their university or school.

Once the subjects are available on line, an interested student should:

1. Achieve a preliminary on-line registration before June, the 1st (preferentially far before), while choosing the good "candidat" category in the form and fill all required fields.

2. Connect with his/her e-mail and password to apply to up to 3 proposals in the list. The candidate should also define the order of preference: 1, 2 or 3.

The candidate may withdraw at any time.
An automatic e-mail is sent to the PhD supervisor after each application. We advise the candidate to contact by e-mail the research team which presents the subject and the future supervisor and to send to them the following pieces: CV, transcripts of last years, cover letter, support letters and optionally, publications.

The supervisors should consider the different candidatures and chose the candidate(s) who will compete for a fellowship on their subject.