Conditions to prepare a PhD in STITS School

PhD candidates are attached to a doctoral school which is the PhD entryway and offers the administrative home and advanced courses.
Beginning a PhD thesis in STITS doctoral school requires also an administrative registration either to Paris Sud University or to Supélec. Registration process takes place normally from September to December of the academic year.

According the decree of August 7, 2006, PhD admission is conditioned by the three following conditions:

1) Subject and supervisor

Early, in the beginning of the year (typically, from March to July), the candidate has first contacted a researcher or one of the research team of the doctoral school who accepts to supervise his/her thesis. This supervisor must hold the diploma « Habilitation à Diriger des Recherche (HDR) » to be authorized to supervise the thesis. When negociating, all aspects need to be clarified: thesis subject, fellowship, technical aspects, arrangements for monitoring the work, eventual co-supervision, personal and professional candidate’s project, etc.

2) Condition of Diploma

The PhD candidate must have a Master or equivalent, if being some experience and skills in research. We distinguish two cases:
a) The candidate has passed a French Master oriented Research and prepared its internship in a Research laboratory. The applicant has the right to enroll in thesis.
b) The candidate has passed a Master or a Profesionnal Master or an Engineer diploma or a foreign diploma. Therefore, he has to demonstrate its ability to scientific research by filling the “ Validation des Acquis” form and giving several elements like recommendation letters, a motivation letter, Diploma programm, marks of the last years.
A commission will then validate his/her experience. And the doctoral school will authorize the PhD registration.

2) Financing Requirement

The candidate has to obtain a fellowship associated to its PhD subject. This fellowship has a minimal duration of 36 months from the beginning of the PhD work. The fellowship amount has to be enough to allow a full-time work to prepare the PhD and to assist to Post graduate courses.

Grants offers are summarized at page « Financements de la thèse ». Research funding should start very early, almost in the course of the academic year preceding the beginning of thesis.

Finally, the PhD project consists of an agreement between several parts:
- The candidate
- The PhD supervisor
- The head of laboratory
- The head of the Doctoral School.
- And finally, the head of the concerned institution (Président of University Paris Sud or General Director of Supélec).