Administrative Registration 2014-15 - 2nd, 3rd Year ....


The PhD student must visit the website and must bring all documents and forms for the signatures.IMPORTANT :

The reinscription 2014-2015 has to be performed before Dec. 1st, 2014.

Incomplete applications will not be considered

The thesis registration is an administrative act that allows a PhD student affiliated with the Doctoral School ED STITS to register at the University Paris-Sud 11 (component: Faculty of Sciences Orsay) or Supélec. Registration takes place during the first quarter of the academic year: from September to December.

According to the Ministerial Decree of August 7, 2006 on doctoral studies, "PhD registration is made by the head of the institution on the proposal of the head of the doctoral school after consultation with the supervisor and the head of the research unit". Consequently, the application form will have to include, in addition to the candidate’s one, the signatures of:

The conditions


1) Conditions for re-inscription

The PhD student is allowed to register by his (her) PhD supervisor, if his (her) progress is effective.

2) Conditions of funding

If notwithstanding the PhD student is allowed to register in a fourth year, he (she) must justify funding until the date of his (her) defense.

Registration Steps
Step 1: Fill the forms and signatures

The PhD student first completes the re-inscription file with:
• his (her) progress report,
• the list of his (her) publications,
• the re-inscription form completed and signed by the head of the host laboratory, the supervisor(s) and him(her)-self (note the forms are different from the 4th year),
• the certificates of attendance for the scientific or professional modules,
• and other documents from the 4th year (see below).

Please download and fill out the registration forms and make them sign first, by your supervisor and second, the head of your lab (before bringing it to us for our signatures. ):
Paris Sud Forms
Supélec Forms


Fourth Year Registration

From the fourth year of study, registration is allowed only on exemption and the PhD student must use the form “AUTORISATION de REINSCRIPTION en DOCTORAT au-delà de la 3ème année de thèse" and add to the file: a motivation letter and a letter from his (her) supervisor.
He (she) can be exempted from the registration fees of the fourth-year, if the defense takes place before the end of December, if the registration takes place before October 31st and if the PhD student brings his (her) thesis report completed and the form “désignation des rapporteurs” at the time of registration (see Defense).

For students who ask a derogation to register for a fourth year (or more), please download these forms:

Paris-Sud 4th Year Forms
Supelec 4th Year Forms


Step 2: Registration at the Doctoral School

You have to make an appointment at the doctoral school.

Step 3: Registration at the Scolarité of Paris Sud or Supélec

When the ED has approved and signed all the forms, you have to fill the administrative  form and  register :

- Visit the page for  PhD student from Paris Sud and visit the Service des Etudes Doctorales de la Faculté - Bâtiment 301.

- for PhD student from Supélec : visit the Direction de la Recherche de Supélec- Mme Anne Batalie.