A wide thematic Range and very promising Research Fields

Presented by groups of subjects, the research areas covered by the laboratories of the doctoral school, which we already overviewed on the figure above, show a great thematic richness (laboratories are listed in alphabetical order):

  1. New materials for nano-electronic and photonic, electronic and optical components, biochips, electrical devices (IEF LCF-IOTA LGEP)
  2. Nano-magnetism, nano-electronic and photonic, micro-systems and technological processes (IEF LGEP, E3S)
  3. Electronic and optical components for systems and telecommunications (IEF LCF-IOTA IR4M)
  4. Electronic and control circuits for micro-systems (IEF LGEP, E3S)
  5. Nondestructive test, electromagnetism and EMC (LGEP, L2S)
  6. Signal processing and statistical processing,
  7. Digital telecommunications, encoding and networks (L2S, E3S/Télécoms)
  8. Process control, estimation and control, complex systems (L2S, E3S/AUTO)
  9. Eengine systems or energy conversion systems, energy networks, electrical contacts, cold plasmas (LGEP, E3S)
  10. Image processing (IEF, L2S, IR4M and regional network MI)
  11. Medical applications of NMR,  from methodology to clinical applications (IR4M and regional network MI).