PhD Subjects Proposals for CONACYT Program 2015


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Unité Accueil

Advanced contactless optoelectronic characterization technique based on photoacoustic effect: application on thin films semiconductor material and photovoltaic devices

Yves Bernard

 Arouna DARGA

GeePS (ex-LGEP) - UFR 919


Fluid modeling for K-tier cellular networks

Véronique Vèque

Lynda Zitoune

LSS - UMR 8506

Development of micro-electro-mechanical devices based on functional oxides for energy and biomedical

Sylvia Matzen

 Philippe Lecoeur

IEF - UMR 8622
Magneto-plasmonique nanostructure for non-reciprocal transmission waveguide  Navy YAM    IEF - UMR 8622  
Numerical Modeling of Telecom devices based on small band gap semiconductor in the THz frequency range Frédéric Aniel    IEF-UMR 8622  
Blind or Myopic Imaging and Deconvolution  Ali Mohammad-Djafari  Nicolas Gac  LSS-UMR 8506  
Unknown Non-circular trajectory Computed Tomography: Joint estimation of the trajectory and image reconstruction  Ali Mohammad-Djafari  Nicolas Gac  LSS-UMR 8506  

Observation problems in regenerative braking of electric vehicles during ABS activation

French subject

Antonio Loria William Pasillas-Lepine
LSS-UMR 8506  
Simulation of InAs Ultra Thin Film- Metal Oxide Semiconductor FET Jérôme Saint-Martin    IEF-UMR 8622